A Sloping Suburban Garden

Market Harborough, Leicestershire

Although west facing, this garden was both quite narrow and sloped steeply to one corner. A previous owner had planted a small island bed centrally several years ago and this had the effect of visually making the garden seem quite small. This was compounded by an old hawthorn tree in one corner that blocked out much of the available sun light.

I decided to create a 45 degree axis to the design which instantly created the illusion of a greater space. The slope allowed me to create two distinct lawn levels and a split level terrace, with the lower terrace large enough to accommodate a table and three chairs comfortably. It was also possible to create a raised bed on the upper level so in effect creating three distinct tiers within the garden.

The end result was a garden that visually appeared much larger than the original with two good sized usable lawns, ample terrace space for sitting and entertaining, and planting on three levels creating colour and interest all year round.

sloping suburban garden plan
before sloping garden landscape designexcavation works for the sloping gardensloping garden design garden completed - edgingsloping garden design garden completed - borderssloping garden design garden completed - lawn